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Roma children get ready to school in “Our hope” educational group

13 little Roma children have been attending special courses for pre-schoolers since November 2013. These courses prepare them for school and are organized in the premises of Public school #14. Parents of future students were skeptical at first, but now are happy to see their children making swift progress in learning activities. Children are waiting for September and are eager to start school. They are no longer afraid of learning.

Roma repair water supply by themselves

Today since the very morning Roma of Mukachevo started constructing water supply on the territory of their settlement – Trudova, Proektna and Mendeleeva streets. As we know, almost 700 thousand UAH are allocated in 2014 budget by Mukachevo city council deputies to finance the works to repair the water supply in Roma settlement.

To teach Roma children you need to teach their parents

The issue of education of Roma children is a difficult one. It has a lot of problems, like biased attitude towards Roma in schools, difficult procedures of children registration, chronic poverty of Roma families. But a lot depends on parents. They have to understand they need to support their children and help them get an education.

Police violence will be stopped by publicity and concern

Another problematic event happened in Roma settlement in Uzhgorod on March, 6. Police officers from Uzhgorod regional department of Ministry of Interior Affairs entered Roma settlement on Telman Street in the morning in three cars. As the result of the visit, Roma person was detained, and unlawful force was used against Roma families with little children.

Hate speech and tolerant society are incompatible

Charity Fund “Rozvytok” has conducted a monitorig of Zakarpattya Internet-sites that relate to the Roma issue. Sadly, the results were far from satisfying: our society suffers from xenophobia and most people use hate speech towards Roma. Zakarpattya is supposed to be a tolerant region, so the situation in other parts of Ukraine must be even worse.

The Center of pre-school education is opened in Zakarpattya

To provide the realization of right for education for Roma children is the main task for many human rights Roma organizations which work in Ukraine. Most of the Roma children do not attend pre-school institutions; they are less developed than other children in primary school. Massive outflow of Roma children from school starts from 5-6th grade.

Interview with Roma leader from Svalyava

We want to present you Matviy Balint, a very interesting person and a Roma leader from Svalyava (Zakarpattya region). This interview is part of a series of reportages about Roma “barons” from Zakarpattya. We have known Matviy for only four months, since the lawyers of Mukachevo Community Law Center started providing free legal aid in the Roma settlement of Svalyava. During these months we have built up a good relationship with him and we are grateful for his meaningful answers and cooperation.

Criminality level in Roma communities is much lower than the average for Ukraine

Crime rate in Roma community is much less than average in Ukraine despite the widespread stereotype. Expert Oleh Martynenko stated this on July, 31 during the round table in the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights’ office, commenting on the results of the research “Monitoring of Roma rights compliance in the activities of law enforcement authorities”. The research was conducted by experts and non-governmental organizations’ representatives supported by International Renaissance Foundation program “Roma of Ukraine”.

Roma children are not enrolled into schools in Zakarpattya

The lawyer of Uzhgorod Community Law Center Myroslav Horvat, the head of Roma community organization “Romani dolya” Zoltan Adam, the lawyer and human rights defender Volodymyr Navrotskiy and the teacher of Uzhgorod public school #14 Roman Stoika have visited Uzhgorod public school #20. This was necessary in order to find out the cause of school’s director to accept application for studying in the 5th grade from 4 Roma parents.

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