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School of Roma Activist will work in Lviv (+ applicant's profile)

In the School of Roma Activist, which will be held in Lviv in the fall of 2017, young Roma activists will receive practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to rally the team and implement initiatives that address Roma issues throughout Ukraine. The best participants in the School will be able to join the organization and holding the Roma Youth Forum 2018.

Odesa region: legal lessons motivate students to think about future

To motivate high school students on bona fide education in school and higher education, know their rights and be able to build relationships with people – those were the objectives of Odesa NGO "Roma Human Rights Centre "Social Legal Aid" that conduct lessons-lectures on career guidance and legal culture for high school students. The one took place in the last days of the school year in the gymnasium of the village of Nerubaiske of Odesa region.

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