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Legal issues of Roma community

Legal issues of Roma community tend to increase due to the current unstable situation in the country. Furthermore, these issues are growing and getting more and more social impact on Roma communities. One of the ways to resolve them is to turn to Roma Community Law Centers. There are nine Centers that provide free legal aid for Roma. They work with the support of “Roma of Ukraine” programme initiative (International Renaissance Foundation).

To teach Roma children you need to teach their parents

The issue of education of Roma children is a difficult one. It has a lot of problems, like biased attitude towards Roma in schools, difficult procedures of children registration, chronic poverty of Roma families. But a lot depends on parents. They have to understand they need to support their children and help them get an education.

Interview with Roma leader from Svalyava

We want to present you Matviy Balint, a very interesting person and a Roma leader from Svalyava (Zakarpattya region). This interview is part of a series of reportages about Roma “barons” from Zakarpattya. We have known Matviy for only four months, since the lawyers of Mukachevo Community Law Center started providing free legal aid in the Roma settlement of Svalyava. During these months we have built up a good relationship with him and we are grateful for his meaningful answers and cooperation.

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