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Passports for Roma: first certification at age of 36. Daughter and grandson next in line

Recently Legal Space published the story of the Roma family from Uzhgorod, three generations of women of which lived without papers. Lawyers of LCC at the Transcarpathian regional youth Roma Association "Romani Cherhen” decided to help them issue passports. Although this case was rather complicated and lasted about 5 months, the efforts of human rights activists were not in vain.

In Zakarpattya gross negligence of doctors caused girl’s death

Little Marychka was fated to live only 2 years and 9 months. She was one of seven children of the Roma Geyza G., the resident of the village of Kholmok in Uzhgorod region. On October 26, 2015 the girl died in the emergency department of Uzhgorod children's hospital. Her death preceded tragic and unclear circumstances that are being examined by prosecutor's office now.

Ukrainian human rights activists present results of monitoring of Roma strategy in Brussels (updated)

From July 5 the delegation of Ukrainian human rights activists is at meetings in Brussels with representatives of a number of institutions of the European Union. The visit purpose is to present results of civil society monitoring of Strategy of protection and integration of Roma ethnic minority in the Ukrainian society till 2020 that was carried out in Ukraine with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

A Roma beaten again… by policemen

In January 2015 “Legal Space” web-platform recorded a shameful incident of abusive and discriminative attitude of law enforcement representatives towards Roma in Vovchansk (Kharkiv region). A few months later, another case of Roma abuse by policemen happened in Uzhgorod. Thanks to the intervention of Community Law Center’s lawyers and local journalists, the case is now being investigated by the Ombudsman’s office and the victim is consulted for free by qualified lawyers.

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