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School of Roma Activist will work in Lviv (+ applicant's profile)

In the School of Roma Activist, which will be held in Lviv in the fall of 2017, young Roma activists will receive practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to rally the team and implement initiatives that address Roma issues throughout Ukraine. The best participants in the School will be able to join the organization and holding the Roma Youth Forum 2018.

Giving green light for health

Roma Health Mediators program works in Ukraine for 5 years. Now they are more than 50. It is obviously difficult to change crucially quality of life of Romani people. But efforts of mediators improve this quality step by step.

Internship in city councils: 4 months of practice resulted in breaking stereotypes

“Roma? Student of higher education institution, really?” One of young Roma, participants of the intern program in local governments had to hear such words. However, after 4 months of internship the guy heard absolutely other opinions and received the offer that at first even shocked him. Participants of the “Support of Roma Participation in Public and Socio-Economic Life” project tell about the training course, its results and conclusions drawn during practice.

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