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Roma should be seen as a powerful force, not as a problem

Special "Roma" chambers in hospitals. Failure to feed the Roma patients if they have no own dishes. The question of national identity on the surgical table. Special “Roma” classes in schools. The refusal to accept children in the day care group just because they're Roma. It's not all egregious examples of discrimination on a national basis, given the human rights defenders on December 9 in Kyiv during the meeting "Approaches to the integration and protection of the Roma rights with the participation of SGBs and NGOs".

Maksym Dzhum: “We should learn from children how to communicate - they are free from stereotypes” (photos, video)

For the eighth year in a row the Charity Foundation “The Planet of Good People” has organized a summer integration tent camp for children of various nationalities in the village of Chabanka in Odesa region. This year IDP children also joined little vacationers of the “Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship” camp.

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