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Different does not mean worse! Lyceum students and pupils were told about discrimination and stereotypes

Two legal lessons were held for adolescents by lawyers and volunteers from Cherkasy NGO "Law Center". Now, the students of the Cherkasy Physics and Mathematics Lyceum and the Smila Boarding School know about discrimination, in particular against the Roma minority, how to recognize and prevent manifestations of hostile attitude towards people on the grounds of "being different".

Cherkasy region: human rights activists reveal discrimination in Yatranivka and V'yazivok

The representatives of NGO "The Law Centre" are alarmed by the hostile attitude to Roma in the villages of V'yazivok and Yatranivka, Cherkasy region. Regarding the situation in Yatranivka human rights activists are preparing a letter to the Chairman of Cherkasy regional state administration with the requirement to prevent hate speech and to counteract discrimination.

Roma should be seen as a powerful force, not as a problem

Special "Roma" chambers in hospitals. Failure to feed the Roma patients if they have no own dishes. The question of national identity on the surgical table. Special “Roma” classes in schools. The refusal to accept children in the day care group just because they're Roma. It's not all egregious examples of discrimination on a national basis, given the human rights defenders on December 9 in Kyiv during the meeting "Approaches to the integration and protection of the Roma rights with the participation of SGBs and NGOs".

"For our and your rights!" campaign held outside Cabinet of Ministers

On June 14 outside the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine there was a theatrical rally of internally displaced persons and residents of Kyiv "For our and your rights!" The protesters opposed the adoption of the amendments to the Regulation No. 637 that establishes the procedure for appointment (renewal) of social benefits to IDPs and the monitoring of social benefits to internally displaced persons.

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