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Bribery resulted in criminal case: surgeon extorted money for surgery on HIV-positive person

Despite a real threat to the HIV-positive man’s life, the surgeon claimed that the patient did not need surgery. At the same time in private conversation he recognized that the surgical invasion was necessary, but it could be carried out under a condition: the patient had to pay extra money for risking the surgeon’s life. Lawyers of Novoaydarsky Community Law Center helped break the deadlock the needy family appeared in.

Minor sisters will receive status of orphan children

Due to an error in the mother’s death certificate her two daughters couldn't be recognized as orphan children officially. Respectively, minor sisters were deprived of social benefits. Specialists of the Community Law Center at the Zakarpattya regional charity foundation “Romano Lungo Trayo” helped to establish the fact of the family relation in court.

Soldier “fought” for his daughter in court

Equality of men and women rights which is written in the Constitution of Ukraine and other normative documents is often neglected while discussing the place of child’s residence – almost always in favor of women. There are some exceptions to the rule.

Lysychansk community will receive free legal aid

Public organization “Social initiatives for health and labour protection” has joined the network of Community Law Centers. The organization has opened a Community Law Center in Lysychansk: two lawyers provide free legal aid to population.

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