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Video tutorials to combat discrimination for Ukrainian students
Screenshot of the main page of the Stories that of Move website Screenshot of the main page of the Stories that of Move website

Video tutorials to combat discrimination, especially toward the Roma minority, are created as part of the Stories that Move international project, adapted and translated into Ukrainian. Ukrainian teachers can use them in their work in autumn 2017.

A school teacher, representative of the Teachers Association Oleksandr Voitenko told Roma radio “Chiriklo” more about video tutorials: “We are waiting for good news this summer. Ukraine has become a member of the European project online tutorials to combat discrimination. The website for educators is to be translated in September, I hope it will work in Ukrainian... The project is aimed at the youth who do not like to read, but we did it to high school students who have own tablets, phones and other gadgets.”

Short video contain speeches of teens about the positive and negative achievements regarding bias against youth, discrimination. Children tell how to act in such situations. Videos can be viewed online, and teachers can use them in the classroom.

Now NGO MART (Chernihiv) is adapting educational texts, developing guidelines and methodological advice to teachers. Video tutorials particularly contain personal stories about Roma people. Ukrainian Roma activist Aliona Kazanska told about herself.

"The relationship between stereotypes and our lives are very close. Because of negative stereotypes we as representatives of the Roma community are facing a negative attitude towards us. Aggression or distrust against us because we have some negative reputation. If we are faced with aggression in some institution or elsewhere, we used to solve our problems ourselves. We do not turn for help to any government agencies, the police ... The reason for this is, perhaps, distrust of others. This is due to the effect of negative stereotypes that are outside and inside our Roma community...", said Aliona on video*.

Overall, the project website presents stories of discrimination on various grounds, including national, from young people from Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovakia and Poland.

“When preparing materials, we have collected for children impressive examples. Each tells a story, but they are typical and repeated throughout Europe”, added Oleksandr Voitenko.

He also said that Ukrainian teachers can use video tutorials in their work in autumn 2017. The workshop and the official presentation of the project are planned for late October.

*The story of Aliona Kazanska is in the annex to the article.

Based on "The Morning Wave" of the Roma Chiriklo project on Hromadske Radio.


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