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Festive flashmob in Kharkiv united Roma and Ukrainian people (photos, video)
Participants of flashmob performed the Anthem of Ukraine in Romani and Ukrainian. Screenshot of Facebook video.
Participants of flashmob performed the Anthem of Ukraine in Romani and Ukrainian.

On International Roma Day, April 8, an interethnic festive flashmob was held in Kharkiv for the first time. The surprise for holiday guests was a concert with the participation of Roma and Ukrainian artists, as well as performance of the Anthem of Ukraine in Romani and Ukrainian.

"We’ve come to say that we are one people, with diversity of our own cultures and versatility of our souls. But still unique! No matter how much we are imposed stereotypical attitudes to each other, people are all the same - kind, sympathetic and friendly here in Odesa. Thanks to everyone who’s come!", shared her impressions of the event one of the organizers of flashmob, the head of the Association of Young Roma of Ukraine "Gressus" Natalia Burlutska.

The idea of the organizers, the Alliance of Roma movement and Public Coordinating Council on Integration and Roma rights monitoring in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region was to hold the feast solemn procession to the Gorky park, and to surprise everyone there. The flashmob was attended by 35-40 Roma, wearing ethnic costumes. About 200 spectators came to the concert. The surprise for guests was performing the Anthem of Ukraine in two languages: Ukrainian and Romani. By the way, it was accompanied by the head of Kharkiv NGO "Chachimo" Mykola Burlutskyi playing a guitar.

Next, guests enjoyed a concert with participation of Roma and non-Roma artists.

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The performance of the Roma theatre of song and dance after A. Karaphetov. Photo: Natalia Burlutska’s Facebook.

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The audience of the concert in Gorky Park. Photo: Natalia Burlutska’s Facebook.




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Guests are having fun taking pictures with the participants of the flashmob. Photo: Natalia Burlutska’s Facebook.

The event is the first step towards a significant goal of uniting the Romani and Ukrainian nations into one people, free from prejudice, hatred and stereotypes.

*The video is attached to the article.

More photos can be found in the photo gallery to the article.

Celebrations on the International Roma Day on April 8 were held in many cities of Ukraine. In particular, they were held by organizations that implement projects to protect the rights of the Roma with the support of Roma Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. How the Roma in Uzhgorod, Odesa, Pervomaisk celebrated the day of national dignity and also other information about the festival can be viewed in Facebook group "Protection of Roma rights".


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