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Communication is the first step to success. Young Roma presented their new projects
Mutual presentation of projects. Photo by Olena Orlova/IRC "Legal Space".
Mutual presentation of projects.

On March 11, in Kyiv young Roma activists were trained to conduct financial and informational support of the projects. Meeting of activists with mentors was both learning and dialogue that mutually enriched each of the participants.

“Did you know that in Ukraine there is a science fiction writer, who is only 16, and he soon will have the 3rd book? And the fact that in Ukraine they are making a feature short film about the life of Romani people during the Second World War? Until today I did not know about it,” said one of the speakers of the event, Coordinator for public relations of International Renaissance Foundation Radoslava Chekmysheva. “And these guys and girls with the Foundation's support are implementing projects this year, which will destroy the egregious and, unfortunately, not isolated facts of discrimination of Roma in Ukraine".

Radoslava among other trainers in the meeting informed the young Roma activists how to conduct informational support of the project and effectively communicate with the donor. The coordinator of Roma Program Initiative of IRF Mariana Magomedova taught young people to cope with the reporting.


Serhii Ponomarev and Mariana Magomedova. Photo by Olena Orlova/IRC "Legal Space".


Photo by Olena Orlova/IRC "Legal Space".

This time 11 grantees from Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Odesa, Kherson, Sumy, Kharkiv, Transcarpathian Khust, Toretsk (Donetsk region) gained new knowledge about how to be successful managers of their projects, efficiently and effectively to cover the project activity.

How does the ability to communicate with your target audience, in particular through the media, lead to success, working on your reputation? How to inform people about your initiatives in an interesting way? How to write repostable messages? The participants learned about it from the trainer, the editor of Empowerment of Roma communities column on Legal Space website Olena Orlova.

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Presentation by Olena Orlova "How to cover the life of the Roma community and why it is important". Photo by Olga Zhmurko/International Renaissance Foundation.

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Illustration by GUS fb community


Mutual presentation of projects took place in an open space format. Photo by Olena Orlova/IRC "Legal Space".


Arthur Matyashenko, grantee, the meeting participant. Photo by Olena Orlova/IRC "Legal Space".


“Today, one of the participants commented modestly: "I understand that my project is a drop in the ocean" and the other added: "You're not the only drop in the ocean". In fact, these drops make the ocean. Which drop by drop but steadily destroy the familiar and "comfortable" for people stereotypes”, commented Director of the Roma Program Initiative Olga Zhmurko (pictured in the center).


More photos are available in the gallery.

The meeting was held by Roma Program Initiative of IRF, which supported the above projects.

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