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Announcement. Roma Youth Forum: knowledge, creativity, responsibility

From 31 March to 2 April 2017 the Second all-Ukrainian Roma Youth Forum "600 Years of Freedom" will be held in Kyiv. This event will be consolidated around three major themes: knowledge, creativity and responsible leadership. 


The Roma Youth Forum will be held for the second time in the capital at the initiative of Roma Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation.

The purpose of this forum is quite ambitious: to unite the Roma youth around such fundamental values as freedom, providing its contemporary interpretation using categories such as knowledge, creativity and responsible leadership. From a practical point of view, the organizers strive to make the participants gain not only an understanding of what freedom is, but also what and how to do with it, that is ideas and tools for its implementation through various social projects.

“This is not a forum for Roma youth, it is the Roma Youth Forum. It is important for us. This aspect emphasizes that the forum is owned by Roma young people. Technically, this is the second forum. Last year we held it. It was a different format. It was the breakdown of the pen. This year we have made the event semi-open”, said in an interview with the Gromadske Radio the Manager of Roma Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation Serhii Ponomar’ov.

“The main purpose of the forum is to attract new people. Any movement has to get new ideas, new ideals and strategies”, added a member of the organizing Committee of the Forum Roman Zymenko.

Today, the forum invited about 70 Romani activists. According to the organizers, key speakers of the forum are the opinion makers, people from the public sector, who have reached certain heights in civic and legislative activities, representatives of the creative class. They will be learning how to be leaders, how to achieve their goals.

The communication during the forum will be held including the following formats:

  • Free space
  • Panel discussion
  • A space for reflections
  • Creative workshops and laboratories
  • Innovative laboratory for the protection of human rights
  • Motivation space.

The latest news and announcements on the Forum Facebook page.

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