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Pension "reminded" of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine
Myroslav Horvat (pictured right) and Yelyzaveta Omelchenko with her family. Photo by NGO "Romani Cherhen".
Myroslav Horvat (pictured right) and Yelyzaveta Omelchenko with her family.

The Roma woman was living without a passport that was lost while working outside the country for many years. She will manage to recover the document and retirement age with the assistance of officials of the Uzhgorod Law Community Centre. 

A 66-year-old resident of Uzhgorod Yelyzaveta Omelchenko* turned to the Center of the Transcarpathian NGO "Romani Cherhen" for legal aid. She told that lived along with her daughter in the Romani settlement in the Shahta district.

At the time, back in 2009, Yelyzaveta and her family moved to work in Russia. There she lost her passport of citizen of Ukraine. The woman returned home on the basis of the ID issued by the Russian immigration service.

“For a long time she did not think to restore the lost passport. But when the need arose to register pension, the woman "remembered" that she was living without the main document”, said the consultant of the Centre Myroslav Horvat.

The matter was complicated by the fact that Yelyzaveta is deaf and dumb, so she needed outside help to communicate, for example, with officials in the relevant authorities.

Myroslav Horvat prepared the necessary documents for obtaining a passport of citizen of Ukraine, and then for the old-age pension.

In late January, the human rights defender along with Ms. Omelchenko and her relatives visited the Uzhgorod city branch of the State Migration Service. The chief of sector Magdalyna Bobiak via the mediator explained the Roma family requirements for registration of the passport.


The Omelchenko family and representatives of LCC in Uzhgorod city sector of the SMS. Photo by NGO "Romani Cherhen".

Following certain statutory procedures, Yelyzaveta will receive the document and will be able to draw a pension and receive social benefits.

*Names are changed for ethical reasons.

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