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Roma cultural centre will be created in Odesa region
The meeting at the Odesa RSA. Photo by the Roma Human Rights Centre.
The meeting at the Odesa RSA.

On February 8, 2017 the action plan for the implementation of the Roma strategy in the Odesa region in 2017 was discussed and adopted. One of the important results is creation of the Roma cultural center.

The meeting "Approaches to the integration and protection of Roma rights" was held in the premises of the Odessa regional state administration. Members of the working group were representatives of relevant departments of the RSA, local governments and 7 Roma NGOs of Odesa region. The Director of Roma Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation  Olga Zhmurko provided an active support to activists of the Roma community in the dialogue with the authorities.

  1. In the end, the main events in 2017 were adopted:
  2. 1. The creation of the utility institution "Roma Cultural Centre" in the district near Odesa.
  3. 2. The introduction of the post of an adviser to the Head of the RSA on Roma issues and an adviser to the RSA.
  4. 3. Adoption of the budget for the program in the amount of 200 thousand UAH.

The meeting, co-chair of the working group, the head of the Roma Human Rights Center and Chairman of the Coalition of Roma NGOs of Ukraine Volodymyr Kondur (pictured in the centre) considers the adoption of these items and the meeting itself are actually very important steps in the implementation of the Roma strategy in the region. Especially, in terms of funding.

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The episode of the meeting. Photo by the Roma Human Rights Centre.

"The first priority should be to provide the Centre in the region for the budget money. Culture is a bridge between the Romani national minority and the world, other nationalities. Such institutions should be in every region of the country. Defending their rights, we forget about culture and tradition. Therefore, Roma need to raise and develop their language, literature, dances and songs”, said Volodymyr Kondor. “In war with the Russian aggressor, disappointment and distrust in the government, in dire economic conditions of the country, the Roma movement is going forward, and this is the merit of the Roma non-governmental organizations in Ukraine”.

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