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No deportation: Roma pensioner won the right to become a citizen of Ukraine
Mrs. Olga and lawyer Mykhailo Biliavskyi. Photo courtesy of Bahtalo Drom.
Mrs. Olga and lawyer Mykhailo Biliavskyi.

The workers of the Chernihiv NGO "Bahtalo Drom" helped the Roma pensioner avoid deportation and obtain a document that allows her to legally stay on the territory of Ukraine.

In October 2016 the resident of the village of Makoshyne (Mensky district, Chernihiv region) Olga Solovieva addressed lawyers of the NGO “Bahtalo Drome". The woman was facing deportation. In Ukraine, the 61-year-old Olga lives more than 10 years and has a desire to continue to stay here, to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. However, her actions in this direction have failed so far.

The woman told that she had submitted documents to the migration service in Chernihiv region, to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, and in the future, the passport of the citizen of Ukraine. She had to leave the territory of the Russian Federation every 90 days to extend the period of stay in Ukraine. Recently, however, her health got worse and she could not travel.

Olga complained to human rights activists that the local Department of the migration service constantly delayed with the paperwork, then refused. Employees of the Department stated that a full package of documents was not enough to help on the dissolution of her marriage with the previous husband. The woman made a request to Tambov region, provided the document and to the MS Department. After that they demanded a certificate of registration of marriage with her current husband, who lives in Chernihiv. However, until the last red tape, the term of Olga’s legal stay on the territory of Ukraine expired and these are grounds for deportation.

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Olga Solovieva lives in Ukraine for more than 10 years and has the intention to become a citizen of our state. Photo courtesy of Bahtalo Drom.

The woman got help from the lawyer and head of the organization Mykhailo Biliavskyi and project manager* Oleksii Didigurov. The lawyer took the paperwork, insurance policy, request for dissolution of marriage. For his part, Oleksii Didigurov arranged the "diplomatic" negotiation: on the issue Olga Solovieva met personally with the head of Department of migration of the foreigners in Chernihiv region.

Three long months of hard work and joint efforts finally yielded results.

“Now Olga has received the form, which allows temporary residence in Ukraine, but in August of this year the woman will have the legal right to submit documents to obtain the passport of the citizen of Ukraine”, said lawyer Mykhailo Biliavskyi.

Bahtalo Drom provides free legal aid to residents of Chernihiv region in the framework of the project "Awareness-raising work with the Roma regarding the payment of social assistance", which is implemented with the support of the Roma Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation.

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