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Loschynivka Village Council won anti-award "Discriminator of the Year"
Loschynivka Village Council won anti-award "Discriminator of the Year" Photo by Iryna Virtos, Information Center for Human Rights.

Loschynivka Village Council (Odessa region) became one of the winners of anti-award "Discriminator - 2016". On December 10 in Kyiv the names of persons and organizations that during the year most grossly violated the principles of equality and non-discrimination in Ukraine were announced by Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine

Loschynivka Village Council got the anti-award for "a really disgraceful deed" - the decision to forcibly evict the Roma community from the village.

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The fate of the exiles still remains a big question: unlike social activists and human rights defenders who immediately started and continue the advocacy campaign in support of the Roma, the government has not taken any decision on this issue. The Roma met the cold season without a roof over their heads and warm clothes. They again are being helped by community activists – so, the Coalition of Roma NGOs collected funds for the purchase of clothing for children from these families.

International Renaissance Foundation is one of the first to support the Roma from Loschynivka. The Director of Roma Program Initiative of the IRF Olga Zhmurko, commenting on the news about a shameful award of Loschynivka village council with "Discriminator of the year" noted that the village council issued the illegal decision on forced evictions of Roma.

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Olga Zhmurko. Photo: Facebook.

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Olga Vesnianka. Photo by Iryna Virtos, Information Center for Human Rights.

Two more anti-award "Discriminator of the year" winners are the Verkhovna Rada and people's Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. A special award "Discriminatory advertising" went to the chain restaurant Yakitoriya.

"Discriminators" received personalized diplomas and a special award – the blinkers (symbol of limited views).

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The coordinator of the campaign "Discrimination limits!" Iryna Tekucheva (pictured) promised to send all the winners diplomas, blinkers and educational literature.

*Read more about the awarding ceremony here.

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