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Uzhgorod. Roma families behind each legal story
The office of the Novel Cherhen. The lawyer Ivan Balog conducts consultations. Photo by Uzhgorod LCC.
The office of the Novel Cherhen. The lawyer Ivan Balog conducts consultations.

30-40 people per month turn to Uzhgorod Law Community Centre at Zakarpattya regional youth Roma Association "Novel Cherhen". Most visitors are Romani women who need social assistance from the state. Behind each of these legal stories is Roma families

The legal consultant Ivan Balog regularly conducts personal reception. He provides free legal aid, advises, helps make statements, collect documents.

When even 300 UAH is a significant support

A resident of Uzhgorod, the granddaughter of 60-year-old Yuri Hutsulyak addressed the LCC. She told that a few years ago Yuri had moved to the city of Rakhiv - to treat his heart. But the disease progressed. Grandpa received the group II disability, and already can't even move for the last 3 months. Granddaughter asked for help to get at least some money for the treatment of the recumbent patient. Ivan Balog helped collect a package of necessary papers for obtaining one-time payment assistance. Through the decision of the Commission Yury Hutsulyak got 300 UAH. This is, of course, a small amount, but every penny counts for families of people with disabilities.


Ivan Balog helps the visitors of the Center issue applications for social benefits. Photo by Uzhgorod LCC.

A widow with 6 children received assistance for six months

A large family of Svitlana Bukova returned to Uzhgorod after the loss of the family head. The 32-year-old woman was left alone with six children without means of subsistence. Previously the family lived in the village of Velykyi Bereznyi, at her husband’s official residence. But two months ago he died of tuberculosis. The eldest child is 12, the youngest is a year and half. As the mother was registered in Uzhgorod, the family returned there. Ivan Balog helped obtain social benefits for the period of six months.

A single mother filed for a new place of residence

Since June 2016 a single mother, 21-year-old Marianna Dyiopyiosh and her eight month old daughter Yasmin are actually living in Uzhgorod, in the Romani settlement of Radvanka. The woman moved to Uzhgorod for family reasons from the village of Fertesholmash, Vinogradiv district. As a single mother Marianna transferred her documents from the Department of labor and social protection in Vinogradiv RGA to the relevant department of the Uzhgorod city council.

The woman needed a statement about family members from the village council at the previous place of residence, but Marianna did not know how to get it. Ivan Balog helped the womanobtain a certificate confirming her actual place of residence with the support of the Roma NGO "Association of Roma of Uzhgorod".

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