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Scientists from around the world contribute to development of Roma Studies
Conference in Uzhgorod gathered scientists from four countries. Photo by Natalia Bodnar.
Conference in Uzhgorod gathered scientists from four countries.

Can the Ukrainian academic community respond to public inquiries regarding the education of Roma? This question was considered by members of the International scientific practical conference "Roma Studies: the experience of Central and Eastern Europe and prospects for Ukraine”, which took place  on November 11-12, 2016 in Uzhgorod.

The meeting was held in the conference hall of the Academic Council of Uzhgorod National University and was dedicated to the 90th anniversary since the opening of the Roma School in Uzhgorod. The participants learned about its history from the exhibition containing newspaper articles, scientific articles, photographs in the 1920s and 1930s of the twentieth century.

Research results into practice of educational process

The aim of the event was to attract scientists from Ukraine and foreign countries to exchange experience in the field of Roma Studies. There is also a need to build a solid platform for effective implementation of this direction in the Ukrainian scientific and educational process.

Will the conference affect the practical implementation of scientific tasks, will educational process for both students of secondary schools and students in the field of knowledge of the Roma Studies course be amended? Can the Ukrainian academic community to respond to public inquiries in the field of education for Roma children? The search for a solution of such issues was the main objective of the conference participants – scholars and practitioners.

The moderators of the conference were Mykhailo Zan, Deputy Dean on scientific work of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Uzhgorod National University, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor (Uzhhorod) and Myroslav Horvat, the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional youth Roma Association "Romani Cherhen" (Uzhgorod).

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The working time of the conference. Photo by Natalia Bodnar.

Two day conference: presentations and round table

Within two days of the conference there were listened the scientific reports at the plenary and breakout sessions, in particular, in the areas of "Problems of institutionalizing Roma Studies and school education of Roma children" and "Problems of the source base and research of Academic Roma Studies", and there also was held round table on the topic "Analysis and reconstruction of anti-Roma stereotypes in the media".

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The working time of the conference. Photo by Natalia Bodnar.

In her welcoming speech to the participants of the scientific-practical conference Myroslava Lendyel (Vice-Rector of UZHNU) noted:

"This event is the result of joint work of its members - students, representatives of the Roma community, scientists to study this problem. Introduction of the Roma Studies in Uzhnu is a topical issue, as the Roma community in our region is in number and there are active Romani non-governmental organizations in the region. Today is a favorable environment among scientists, politicians and the public who are trying to overcome antiracist manifestations in society".

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Myroslava Lendyel. Photo by Natalia Bodnar.


Attila Sterr. Photo by Natalia Bodnar.


Istvan Tsap. Photo by Natalia Bodnar.


Ion Duminika (center). Photo by Natalia Bodnar.

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Serhiy Ponomarev. Photo by Natalia Bodnar.

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Natalia Zinevich (right). Photo by Natalia Bodnar.

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According to the article by Yevgenia Navrotska for chachipen.in.ua

Videos about the conference from the Transcarpathian branch of the NTVU Tisa-1 attached.

The event was supported by International Renaissance Foundation.


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