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Lawyer helped four Roma find new job

Almost simultaneously four Roma residents of Chop, Uzhgorod district asked the Law Community Center that acts on the basis of the Transcarpathian Association of Hungarian Roma to help with employment.

The job seekers were of different age: Lajos Varodi, the father of two young children was 28, Andriy Illysha, the father of four children was 33, Albert David was 42, his son Matviy David was 22.

The first two men explained that earlier they had gone to Hungary for seasonal work. But the maximum stay in the country (90 days) ended, and now they are forced to look for job at home.

Employees of human rights center held talks with the representatives of LLC "Blitz-produktion" - a modern Ukrainian-German ski enterprise in Chop.

“The case was complicated by the fact that two of the four men did not speak Ukrainian – only Hungarian”, explained the lawyer of the Center Valeria Lakatosh who was engaged in the issue. “We helped them execute all necessary documents in Ukrainian, the physical examination”.

Finally, all four Roma received permanent jobs. It is goes without saying that such changes are extremely significant for people who are the breadwinners for their families, do not know the language and have a psychological barrier because of discriminatory attitudes on a national basis.

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