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Citizens of Kherson will commemorate victims of Babi Yar massacre
Footage from the "History and modernity" Footage from the "History and modernity"

On September 29 the commemoration event on the 75th anniversary of the mass executions in Babi Yar will be held in the Kherson regional youth center. The organizers Roma public activists invite all not indifferent citizenry to commemorate the victims of Nazism. 

The initiators of the event were Roma Kherson public organizations "Ketane" and Kherson City Roma Society.

As Chairman of NGO "Ketane",  meritedarts worker, President of the Roma Council of Ukraine Yuriy Ivanenko told, the program included the history of events associated with the mass killings in Babi Yar during the Nazi occupation. According to various statistics, during 1941-1943 the Nazi shot from 70 to 200 thousand people and among them – from 5 Roma camps.

The audience will see a performance of specially invited guest from Mykolaiv - Bahtale Rome.

The group leader, merited culture worker of Ukraine Volodymyr Yurkovsky and Yuriy Ivanenko are not only artists, but also active Roma public figures. Therefore, they could not stay away from this significant event.

“We should know our history and not forget that not only Jews but also people of other nationalities, including Roma were tortured at Babi Yar”, Yuriy Ivanenko commented.

The event starts at 18:00.

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Young Roma activists from Kherson with the assistance of senior mentors also created the video "History and modernity" for the Commemoration Day of the victims of the Babi Yar massacre. It can even be called a mini documentary. The authors are students of Roma Education Fund Artur Ivanenko and Susanna Ivanenko. This is not their first work on the Holocaust of Roma, but this time it is more complex.

The video with extremely strong emotional message contains horrific images of mass destruction in Babi Yar. It includes unique shots of Nazi chronicle that were provided by the German documentalist.

“Through Roma poetry and music, through really horrible videos and photos of that time we are trying to influence on the emotions of the audience, to make everyone think about the scale of the tragedy and to prevent this in the future”, the director and producer of the film Yuriy Ivanenko said.



Video shots of "History and modernity".

To view the video please follow this link.

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