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Roma community of Perechyn district receives free legal aid
The Center's lawyer, Serhiy Chichak and Coordinator Lyubov Tirpak (on the left) with residents of Tsegel'na Street, who applied for emergency towers. Photo by NGO "Romani Jag".
The Center's lawyer, Serhiy Chichak and Coordinator Lyubov Tirpak (on the left) with residents of Tsegel'na Street, who applied for emergency towers.

LCC in Perechyn district of Zakarpattya started working in July of this year. During this time the local Romani people not only learned about the possibility of receiving free legal aid, but experienced its real results. 

Lawyer-consultant Serhiy Chichak and Coordinator Lyubov Tirpak provides free legal aid to residents of the Roma community.

"For 2 months of work of the Center 31 residents have received free professional legal advice. 20 of them were helped to make legal written documents, such as claims, certificates and requests," the head of the Perechyn cultural-educational society "Romani Jag" Serhiy Chichak said. "During the communication with the local community, we found out that the most problematic for the residents were the following fields of law: retirement insurance, housing law, labor law, family law, civil law and right to social security".

In July lawyers the Roma to make applications regarding social payments to single mothers, electric power supply and the second appeal to the employment center.

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The Coordinator of the Center Lyubov Tirpak helps visitor with the documents. Photo: NGO "Romani Jag".

"Five parents addressed us for help register their children to school, who had no birth certificates. The procedure of execution of documents was carried out through local government agencies: civil registration, branch for children and youth, immigration service and maternity hospital”, Serhiy Chichak commented.

On 1 of September 2 graders started to attend school, certificates were issued in time. Other 2 birth certificates were under registration process through a more complicated situation. But lawyers asked to speed up the procedure and soon children would be able to attend school.

The lawyers also conduct consultations in the villages of Perechyn district. But the most consultations are held with the residents of the Roma camp in Tsegel'na Street, where LCC is located.

In particular, in August, by the residents’ request, the Center staff began to resolve a problem of power supply in Tsegel'na Street. The lawyers drew up a statement to the head of Perechyn District Power Distribution Company with a request to replace the emergency post, located in one of the courtyards. 9 houses are connected to it, therefore, people constantly experience the problems with voltage. Lawyers on behalf of the residents asked to replace a prop, to set 3 more in the street and to connect counter unites to each house.

Address of LCC: 4, Tsegel'na Street, city of Perechyn

More photos in the gallery.

Perechyn LCC operates with the support of the Roma Programme Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation in the framework of the initiative "Legal empowerment of the poor".

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