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Kharkiv NGOs unite into Roma Movement Alliance
Round table of the representatives of Roma NGOs in Kharkiv. Photo by Chachimo
Round table of the representatives of Roma NGOs in Kharkiv.

Seven representatives of Roma NGOs of Kharkiv made the decision on the establishment of the Roma Movement Alliance. Activists started implementing this idea on July 20, during a round table with the participation of city Roma organizations.

Actually, this meeting was the first founding meeting of the new Association "Roma Movement Alliance". The initiators were public spiritual-educational organization "Chachimo" and NGO "National and Cultural Gypsy Society "Romen".

“In my opinion, it was a historic event for the Roma movement in the Eastern region of the country”, noted the coordinator of the project "Chachimo" Natalia Burlutska. “The idea occurred to create a tool to influence changes in the situation of the Roma in the Kharkiv region at a higher level. The aim of the Alliance is to advocate for the interests of the Roma in the different branches of the government as well as multilateral development of the Roma communities in the context of the programme integration of the Roma national minority into Ukrainian society”.

As a result, the participants specified three key strategic objectives of the new Association, and formulated the directions for each one:

1. The integration of the Roma community into the Ukrainian society: education, protection of rights and combating discrimination, documentation, employment, development of youth movement, culture, health.

2. Institutional development of Roma organizations: cooperation and mutual aid of organizations in the context of the overall activities in the Alliance.

3. Advocacy of the interests of the Roma minority in different branches of the government: the monitoring of strategy and the influence on more effective realization of Roma strategy, anti-gypsizm.

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The participants of the meeting. Photo by Chachimo.

In addition, according to Natalia Burlutska the Alliance expects to include a number of human rights organizations, representatives of the Roma communities, public figures, volunteer initiatives of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

The structure of activities of the Alliance, identifying clusters of its work and objectives of the strategy will be further formed in the process, before the finished product in social fields is finally created, noted the human rights activist.


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