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Odesa region: legal lessons motivate students to think about future
Volodymyr Boshtan conducts a dialogue with high school students in Nerubaiske gymnasium. Photo by the Roma Human Rights Centre.
Volodymyr Boshtan conducts a dialogue with high school students in Nerubaiske gymnasium.

To motivate high school students on bona fide education in school and higher education, know their rights and be able to build relationships with people – those were the objectives of Odesa NGO "Roma Human Rights Centre "Social Legal Aid" that conduct lessons-lectures on career guidance and legal culture for high school students. The one took place in the last days of the school year in the gymnasium of the village of Nerubaiske of Odesa region.

Lawyers of the Roma Human Rights Centre conducted legal lessons in this school not by chance: 100 Roma children are enrolled in Nerubaiske school. Here the employees conduct field consultations for parents, providing charitable assistance to children.

The main speaker was Volodymyr Boshtan, lawyer, attorney and senior partner-consultant of the Roma Human Rights Centre. The children listened to a legal lecture and watched a movie about family relationships. Then high school students together with the speaker discussed the issues that concern them, as well as problems of relations in the family, at school, at work.



The legal lecture by Volodymyr Boshtan. Photo by the Roma Human Rights Centre.

The class organizers say that the children go to such meetings with lawyers on order to be included in the dialogue and leave with positive emotions and the desire to build life plans. The lectures are given by the lawyers Volodymyr Boshtan and Volodymyr Kondor for all senior grades.

“We usually are talking about the rights of children. Also we discuss the relationship between children and adults: teachers, parents, friends”, said Volodymyr Kondor. “We try to invite to lectures other lawyers and students who cooperate with our Centre. They tell the children about themselves, their school and work –motivating them that way to acquire knowledge in school, to enroll in universities. After the lecture the students always ask questions. It's very good, because the purpose of these meetings is to get Roma youth to think about their future”.

Legal lessons from NGO "Roma Human Rights Centre "Social Legal Aid" are held in the framework of the project "Strengthening legal capacity of the Roma community in the Odesa region" that is implemented with the support of Roma Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation.


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