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Zakarpattya: first steps and four success stories of Roma interns
The intern Alexander Sepesh (left) helped Arthur Adam get a passport. Photo by CHRA "Vested".
The intern Alexander Sepesh (left) helped Arthur Adam get a passport.

Roma activists trained on the basis of the Carpathian Agency of Human Rights "Vested" are making independent steps to solve problems in communities.

The internship program within the project "Roma youth is a driving force if system changes in Roma life" lasted from September 2015 until February 2016. Five active young people - Daryna Virag, Yuri Virag, Alexander Sepesh, Zsolt Lakatos and Valeria Lakatos - successfully acquired theoretical knowledge, which subsequently, within three months they used helping the Roma of Uzhgorod and Uzhgorod district. Among the stories told by the participants are the following.

Three good cases of Daryna and Yuri the Virags

The interns Daryna and Yuri told Nelia Adam addressed them. The woman complained that cannot register her and her two children’s place of residence. The problem was the lack of documents proving the ownership of the house where they were living.

The interns prepared the claim in court about recognition of the property right to the house and during criminal proceedings arranged temporary registration for Nelia. After that the woman was finally able to submit the documents and receive social assistance as a low-income person.


Daryna Virag and Nelia Adam in the passport office. Photo by CHRA "Vested".

Also Daryna and Yuri helped Simona Shivak who could not obtain social assistance because of illiteracy. The woman had no other documents as she was ashamed to go to public authorities.

“First we registered tax payer ID for her. Then we went together to the City Council and ordered a certificate of non-possession of land plot. Finally, they appealed to the housing office and received a family composition certificate”, Daryna Virag told.


Being illiteral Simona Shivak (left) failed to apply for social assistance. Photo by CHRA "Vested".

“Adelina Chovka asked me to help her obtain a passport. At this stage we already knew how to start the procedure, what documents to bring and how to properly fill in forms. So, without delay we asked Adelina to take the necessary form from the Housing Department, to make photos, to find three witnesses and come to the passport office”, Yuri Virag told. “The whole procedure took no more than 30 min. In 30 days Adelina won the main document”.


Adelina with her husband. Photo by CHRA "Vested".

The intern helped make the first passport

The intern Alexander Selesh told the story of his countryman Arthur Adam. He complained that he failed to get a passport for many years because of illiteracy. The intern went with him to the passport office, filled out all the necessary documents and after 30 days Arthur received his first passport.

Training is held within the project Roma youth is a driving force if system changes in Roma life" with the support of Roma Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation.

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