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Timely legal aid kept home warm in frosts
Having asked for legal aid, Yulia Sabo could keep her house warm in severe frosts. Photo by Transcarpathian Association of Hungarian Roma.
Having asked for legal aid, Yulia Sabo could keep her house warm in severe frosts.

A small pension, debts because of high utility rates and the inability to communicate with officials led a Roma pensioner to Chop Law Community Center. Lawyers helped her obtain necessary documents and firewood for heating.

The resident of Chop, Uzhgorod region Julia Sabo addressed Law Community Center at Transcarpathian Association of Hungarian Roma, just in the Epiphany frosts.

The 58-year old woman could not independently cope with this problem. She told that she had to live without gas and electricity for 2 years - the income of the pensioner does not allow to pay too high rates, so she was in arrears with the payment of utility bills. The woman asked employees of the Center to help her issue subsidy for payment of electricity and gas bills.

The lawyer Valeria Lakatosh helped Julia file a letter to Chop City Council with a request to provide financial assistance. For these means the pensioner could purchase the firewood that warmed the house in winter.

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Lawyer Valeria Lakatosh (on the left) and Yulia Sabo. Photo by Transcarpathian Association of Hungarian Roma (Chop).

This example of legal aid is only one of 15 addresses to Chop Law Community Center within the last month.

“Usually residents of Chop and neighboring villages of Uzhgorod region addressed with problems”, Valeria Lakatosh specified. – “There were, for example, requests to help with obtaining the status of the needy family and to explain a procedure for receiving subsidy for payment of housing services”.

People received the qualified legal advice on the majority of addresses.

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