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Christmas Trunk of Good, or detective story in Roma camp
The author of Trunk of Good project Dyula (on the left) and Chairman of Rom Som society Aladar Pap. Photo by NGO "Rom Som"
The author of Trunk of Good project Dyula (on the left) and Chairman of Rom Som society Aladar Pap.

Perhaps, the Christmas story that happened in one of Roma settlements of Zakarpattya is far from being legal. But we couldn't ignore it. After all it deals with customs of Roma community. Besides, local Law Community center is a place for local Roma where they can count not only on legal, but also on full support of the fellow countrymen.

Shortly before Christmas a resident of the village of Syurte in Uzhgorod region addressed Law Community Center at NGO "Rom Som”. The young man needed explanation on the situation he considered to be extremely unfair.

The matter is that Dyula thought up to present to people by Christmas holidays with a good deed, namely to hang up the Trunk of Good in the local Roma camp – so that everyone who wanted to help other people could throw money. Dyula gathered local Roma and told them about the idea: fellow villagers supported him. On the first day all wanted to participate. The box was to be opened only on Christmas.

However, good intentions were damaged by a dishonourable person. On the third day the box disappeared.

People were much discouraged by the event. Many villagers accused Dyula of theft. In despair the man addressed the Center: he knew that Roma activists who worked there were competent enough to help in any difficult situation.

Employees of the Center conducted their own investigation and found out who was a thief. As it appeared, he was noticed by a little inhabitant of the camp, however the child was afraid to tell the name of the dishonest fellow villager. But lawyers maned to figure out the suspect. In private conversation legal adviser of the Center Aladar Pap exposed him - the thief confessed his offence, but the lawyer decided not to expose him before villagers.

“Being a human rights activist and first of all Roma, I did not want him to have problems that on the eve of such holiday. We with the Baro of the local camp made our own investments to provide Roma with presents by Christmas”, the lawyer explained.

Dyula's reputation is restored and this is the main thing. The idea of Christmas gifts for Roma community worked.

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