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Zakarpattya: first wins of Roma trainees in community problem solving
Roma activists independently identify and resolve Roma problems. Photo by "Vested"
Roma activists independently identify and resolve Roma problems.

Roma activists have training on the basis of Carpathian agency of human rights "Vested" within the "Roma Youth — the Driving Force of Systemic Changes in Roma Lives" project. Now the practical part during which activists take independent steps to the solution of problems in communities lasts.

The project started in September, 2015. Practice was preceded by 4 training courses. The mentor of trainees, the lawyer of NGO "Vested" Volodymyr Navrotsky helps them at a practical stage that began in November, 2015. For today there are already some successful stories of the effective help of activists to the fellow countrymen.

The young man received the reference for employment

Zholt Lakatosh helped the local Slavita Beyts. The young man wanted to work at the Groklin Karpaty plant, so he needed a residence certificate from village council. The problem is Slavita has no residence registration. Due to the statement to village council prepared by Zholt Lakatosh the Roma received the necessary paper and can get a job.


Trainee Zholt Lakatosh (on the left) and Slavita Beyts. Photo by "Vested".

Legalization of houses will facilitate solving numerous social problems

Trainees Darya Virag and Yury Віраг decided to deal with a problem of legalization of houses. The problem is urgent: Roma can't register newborn children in their houses of without the certified right to a private property. Respectively, they can't receive social aid. In order to untie a question of legalization of houses by recognition of the property right to unauthorized construction upon Art. 376 of the Civil Code of Ukraine trainees guided by the lawyer Volodymyr Navrotsky collected a package of necessary documents, prepared and submitted the statement of claim to Uzhgorod city district court.

The guy will receive his first passport when he is 25

The trainee from the city of Chop Valeria Lakatosh helped her fellow countryman Iosif Gulyash receive the passport of the citizen of Ukraine. Iosif is 25 years old and he still has no passport. The guy couldn't receive it independently as migratory service refused to accept his documents without the residence certificate.

Having armed with the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 320 that regulates the order of registration and issue of the passport of the citizen of Ukrain, Valeria Lakatosh together with the lawyer came to the head of the passport office. Together they could convince the official that the existence of the place of registration for obtaining the passport is not obligatory.

Next day the lawyer, the trainee, Iosif and three witnesses again attended the passport office. This time representatives of migratory service accepted all documents. In a month for the first time Iosif will receive the passport.


Iosif Gulyash (in the center), Volodymyr Navrotsky and Valeria Lakatosh. Photo by "Vested".

The project will last until the end of February, 2016. Roma activists patronized by lawyers will continue resolving community problems they independently identified: preparing statements of claim in court, representing interests of Roma in courts, in passport office, filing applications to educational institutions, etc.

“Roma Youth – the Driving Force of Systemic Changes in Roma Lives" project is implemented with support of International Renaissance Foundation.

The opinion of the International Renaissance Foundation cannot coincide with the point of view of authors of publication.

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