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Lonely woman was rescued from "fantastic" swindler by all Roma community
Lawyer Aladar Pap (on the right) advises representatives of Roma camp in Velyka Dobron Photo by NGO "Rom Som"
Lawyer Aladar Pap (on the right) advises representatives of Roma camp in Velyka Dobron

This, only at first sight, ordinary story got publicity since representatives of the Roma camp of the village Velyka Dobron in Uzhgorod region addressed Law community Center at NGO "Rom Som". People asked lawyers to help solve peacefully a problem of their fellow villager.

The matter was that recently there arrived a man to the settlement, who before (by his words) had lived in Uzhgorod. Knowing that there is a church in the settlement and the majority of Roma are quite religious he came to the temple and asked for help. He complained of having no documents and place to spend the night. Goodhearted residents of the village did not leave the man to the mercy of fate. One woman, who lived with the son and daughter, suggested the poor creature to spend the night in her house.

Then, according to villagers, everything happened, as if in the tale about a cunning Fox that turned out a trustful Hare from his own house. Allegedly soon the hostess and the visitor (we will name them Liudmyla and Mikhail) fell in love with each other. But after a month of cohabitation the "guest" brought to the house of his beloved his brother - with all his family. Cunning relatives, having lodged in a new place, "thanked" breaking for good: moved Liudmyla’s children out of the house at once.

The case was complicated by that the woman had no property ownership documents, respectively her children weren't registered in the house. Fellow villagers, having learned about this situation, decided to solve it with the help of the law. Therefore, they went to the authoritative person in the Roma community - the head of Uzhgorod NGO "Rom Som" Aladar Pap.

He arrived at the camp, talked to Mikhail who after that changed his behavior.

Also the lawyer talked to the woman – she admitted that Mikhail and his brother were beating her. Aladar Pap started working actively both as the lawyer and as public authority. He managed to convince Mikhail in the presence of locals that such acts are illegal and indecent. As a result all "the visiting family" together with Mikhail moved down from Liudmyla and subsequently left the settlement.

The lawyer consulted with the notary in the village and asked him to collect for Lyudmila documents for registration of the property ownership certificate. Law Community Center follows the situation.

NGO "Rom Som" works in a network of legal centers under coordination of Uzhgorod Law Community Center, in particular - Transcarpathian regional youth Roma association "Romani Cherhen".

P.S. Community Law Centers that provide free legal aid to the Roma population work with the support of the Roma Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. You can learn more about activities of Community Law Center network, basics and principles of work on the website “LegalSpace” in Empowerment of Roma Communities.

The opinion of the International Renaissance Foundation cannot coincide with the point of view of authors of publication.

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