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Human rights activists of Zakarpattya presented modifications on simplification of procedure of issue of identity documents to Roma

On November 18 in the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada on Human Rights representatives of CF “Rozvytok” presented modifications in the Law "About the State Civil Registration". Amendments to the Law started being developed in 2012 and were submitted at the expert meeting "Improvement and simplification of procedure for obtaining identity documents by representatives of Roma ethnic minority" in Kyiv.

Ignoring legislative collisions that arose in the course of issuing identity documents to representatives of Roma ethnic minority became result of difficult procedure of certification. Without court hearings it is almost unreal to receive identity documents. A lawyer of CF “Rozvytok” Iryna Lysnychka explained:

“According to the legislation, in case of achievement of 16 years by the child the state registration of its birth can be carried out according to its personal statement with presentation of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine. Thus, the Order of registration and issue of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine specifies: to register this document it is necessary to present the birth certificate. For many Roma is a vicious circle!”

Without leaving the idea to realize modifications in the Law, lawyers of CF “Rozvytok” repeatedly addressed the Secretariat and initiated new meetings and discussions with the Ministry of Justice.

However, positive shifts from government bodies took place. The Ministry of Justice is ready to consider three amendments to the legislation offered by lawyers of CF “Rozvytok”, in particular to Art. 13 and Art. 18 of the Law of Ukraine "About the state civil registration".

All parties reached consensus that the reference from the place of registration is unambiguously unnecessary to grant the birth certificate to the child.

“In article 13 of the Law of Ukraine "About the state civil registration" we suggest to register the birth of the child who reached one-year age either according to child's medical birth certificate or medical certificate under the supervision of a medical institution”, Iryna Lysnychka said.

The representative of the Ministry of Justice Oksana Nedashkivska supported this initiative and expressed readiness to consider this amendment to the Law. However, negotiators reached a conclusion that it is necessary to involve representatives of the Ministry of Health into consultation as they defined the order of presentation of the types of documents (references).

"Civil society advocacy campaign in respect to elimination of legislative divergences in issue of identity documents to representatives of Roma ethnic minority" is realized by Charity Foundation “Razvytok” with the financial support of European Roma Rights Centre (Budapest, Hungary).

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