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Roma students were being trained in employment and self-realization (updated)
Specific episode of the seminar. Photo: NGO “Ternipe”
Specific episode of the seminar.

On August, 27-28 in the settlement of Slavske in Lviv region the total seminar was held within the “Increase of Participation of the Roma in Public and Social-Economic Life” project. Students from six regions of Ukraine were being trained on how to find a congenial employment and to realize themselves as professionals and active citizens.

The event was held by Lviv youth public organization “Ternipe” and several partner NGOs from other regions of Ukraine with the support of the Roma Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. Students who represented Roma communities from Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, Kherson, Zakarpattya, Lviv regions, had had internship in local public authorities and local governments.

The internship lasted for three months, since June, 2015. It was completed by 18 students who then were invited to the seminar. They were being trained by six experts.

On the first day participants of the project presented their impressions and achievements, shared thoughts of prospects of further employment.


Trainee Oleksandr Grygorychenko during presentation. Photo: NGO “Ternipe”.

Within the training “My first place of work” the expert Natalya Kostiuk helped young people deal with barriers they could face during job search and overcome them.

- According to the results of the meeting Yana Bondarenko, Olexandr Grygorychenko, Olexandr and Galyna Yurchenko were offered employment. All trainees received the curators’ positive reviews. Now these references can be attached to their CVs. Also each trainee was entered to the personnel reserve in their places of employment, - the project manager, chairman of the board of NGO “Ternipe” Mykola Yurchenko says.

On the second day all trainees and experts received diplomas.


The director of Roma Program Initiative International Renaissance Foundation Olga Zhmurko handed the diploma to the expert of the seminar, the chairman of Roma Council of Ukraine Yuriy Ivanenko. Photo: NGO “Ternipe”.


The president of Roma Council of Ukraine Yuriy Ivanenko handed the Certificate of Appreciation for active and efficient work to the project manager Mykola Yurchenko (on the left). Photo: NGO “Ternipe”.

After the solemn awarding the youth was involved in the discussion moderated by the director of Roma Program Initiative International Renaissance Olga Zhmurko and Mykola Yurchenko. In particular, possibility of continuation of this project was discussed. Olga Zhmurko's proposal to participate in micro-grants competition caused heated discussion: young Roma activists generated a lot of idea. According to the results of discussion the decision to hold a seminar on project writing was made.

- Students’ general impressions of participation in the project do not include only the professional experience, but also necessity of fighting against stereotypes. Many authorities were surprised to see the Roma people, who study and want to make careers, in public institutions, - Olga Zhmurko notes.

According to Mykola Yurchenko such initiatives encourage young Roma greatly and are really of strategic value.

Graduates of the project will be invited to join a network of active Roma youth of Ukraine so that they can prepare and implement socially significant projects for communities. Such youth proves that success of Ukraine is in its variety and people who are ready to take positive changes.

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