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Uzhgorod: 22 Roma kids received preschool training
The Social Center “Blago” prepared 22 Roma children for school this year Photo: Eleonora Kulchar's Facebook
The Social Center “Blago” prepared 22 Roma children for school this year

The graduation of future first graders on August 25 was solemnly held at CF “Blago”. Within four months the Roma children learned to read, write, gain socialization skills and understand how important it is to study.

The head of the Zakarpattya Charity Foundation “Blago” Eleonora Kulchar considers preschool training course for the Roma children extremely essential for the future of the local community. For this reason she devoted 10 years of her life to the creation of CF “Blago” in Uzhgorod – such a long period of time was needed for the realization of the idea.

But the opening of the Center in the 2014 was only the beginning. Now civil activists solve no less complicated problem of promotion of the idea of importance of education among the Roma community. Alas, the education level among the Romani people remains the lowest for today. Parents do not understand the necessity of providing children with not only higher, but also with secondary and primary education. Therefore, both children and their parents should be encouraged to study.

Last year when the Social Center was opened at Uzhgorod comprehensive school No. 13, 6-7 years old children from the needy Roma families were invited to attend it. Kids gained initial knowledge in the room of unsafe condition, repairing which and also purchasing school stationary and furniture are provided by philanthropists, in particular the International Renaissance Foundation that keeps on supporting the activities of the Social Center. The current (second) course lasted from April 1 to August 25, 2015 - 22 Roma kids were prepared for school.

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Graduates of preschool training course were seriously prepared for a holiday. Photo: Eleonora Kulchar's Facebook

- Children have learned a lot for these four months. It is important that the majority of Roma parents have submitted documents to Ukrainian school. These are really good results, - Eleonora Kulchar states. - We are proud of our children, they are very smart. We are grateful to everyone who’s come to our graduation and shared our joy. We will be able to achieve much through joint efforts. So, great thanks to all who help us in any way and support the Roma children.

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Parents and guests congratulate future first graders. Photo: Eleonora Kulchar's Facebook

The main skills of reading, math and behavior in groups will help future first graders to adapt better at school. For the Roma children it is very important to get motivated to study hard and to understand that you can achieve something in life only having received education.

Information and photo by “Protection of the rights of Roma of Ukraine” Facebook community, uzhgorod.net.ua portal

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