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7 reasons to become a volunteer of the Roma program
Volunteer Alyona Kazanska at the discussion "Roma Studios". Photo by Olena Orlova/IRC "Legal Space"
Volunteer Alyona Kazanska at the discussion "Roma Studios".

Nine young people worked as volunteers of the special "Roma (Unknown)" Program, which was first introduced at the VII Arsenal Book Festival in Kyiv this year. We talked to them and found at least 7 reasons why (especially for Roma youth) to become volunteers of Roma program.

"To be a volunteer of the Roma program is cool! And you need to talk about it. Because this is your reputation, you are in the public space, you represent the Roma community, the way to the Arsenal Book Festival - the largest cultural event in Ukraine, and you are here as a volunteer. And it's all cool! You are free to do anything! It is not worth looking for material gain here, but rather it is about moral gain: your reputation, you as an activist, you in different statuses. Choose what you need in life. This is an opportunity. Doors are open".

These are the words of the curator of the volunteer group of the Roma program Alyona Kazanska. Alyona is a Roma activist of the Romano Drom NGO, a student of the Kyiv National University, scholar of the Roma Educational Foundation.


Alyona Kazanska. Photo by Olena Orlova/legalspace.org

The Roma program lasted from May 17 to May 20. Its organizer is the NGO "Platform for changes. Re: Design "with the support of the Roma Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. There was plenty of volunteer work: there was an event every day within the framework of the program. The fact that the Roma program at the Arsenal Book Festival was held for the first time in the history of the festival also added tasks and responsibilities.

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The material was created with the support of International Renaissance Foundation.

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