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How to travel from Crimea to Ukraine with a small child

A family living in Simferopol had to deal with the issue of Ukrainian-Crimean border crossing. The family has a newborn child who received Russian birth certificate. When the family wanted to cross the border, customs officials explained them that they can get them through but they won’t be able to get back to Crimea. Indeed, both parents have Ukrainian passports, but the child is officially a Russian citizen.

British lawyers will help Crimea people

On October 7, the employees of the Regional Center of Human Rights had a meeting with well-known British human rights activist, the director of European Human Rights Advocacy Center (EHRAC) Philip Leach*. He decided to support several strategic cases on the protection of rights of Crimea people after he learned about severe violations of human rights at Crimea peninsula.

Authorization of residence: risks for people from Crimea

Crimeans who kept their Ukrainian citizenship, became strangers on their own land. People who do not want to leave their homes have to obtain an authorization of residence from Russian Federation. However, this authorization can be a risk for Crimeans. Sergiy Zaets, lawyer of Regional center of human rights, explains what are the problems linked to authorization of residence in Crimea.

People from Crimea are deprived of the legal unemployment aid

The unemployment aid for internally displaced persons from Crimea is provided with violation of the terms of payment and not to the full extent. That is the conclusion of the human rights activists from the public organization “Regional center of human rights” according to the numerous claims of internally displaced persons from Crimea. The situation can be improved by changing the legislation. The list of necessary changes can be found in the letter of the human rights activists to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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