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Judge Maidan forced government to pay assistance to IDPs from Crimea
Lawyer Roman Martynovskiy. Photo by Mykola Myrnyi, Information Human Rights Center
Lawyer Roman Martynovskiy.

Immediately after the Russian occupation of the Ukrainian Peninsula of the Crimea Olga and Oleksandr realized that they do not want to stay there.


Olga: "We have small children and we decided to remove them from the territory of Crimea, because my husband and I lived in the Soviet Union and understand a little the situation that is in Russia. The police state, so to say. We did not want our children to have such a fate".

The family waited until the end of the school year, found the house in Kherson and moved in July 2014. Unfortunately, they failed to quickly find a new job, so they applied to the city employment service, hoping to receive unemployment benefits because they used to work officially in public office.

Olga: "We were registered, but refused to be charged in full, because in March all the accounts were already closed. So if all the companies even wanted to pay certain taxes and fees to the budget of Ukraine they would have not had such opportunities”.

Olga turned to the Regional Human Rights Centre, and there she was advised to plead against the Employment Center in the court. A lawyer, who cooperates with the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Roman Martynovsky said that the correspondence with the "authorities" of the Crimea is meaningless at the moment.

As a result on July 5, 2016 the judge of the Kherson city court Svitlana Maidan satisfied the claim of the IDPs from the Crimea to the Kherson city employment center. The Center conducted a calculation of unemployment benefits for displaced families, based on the last six calendar months preceding the month, in which the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Krasnoperekopskiy district, Autonomous Republic of Crimea stopped paying the single social contribution, and paid the supplement.

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