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British lawyers will help Crimea people
From left to right: Serhiy Zaets, Anastasiya Martynovska, Roman Martynovskiy, Kateryna Nikolaenko, Philip Leach, Kate LevinPhoto by Oleksandra Pshebitkovska
From left to right: Serhiy Zaets, Anastasiya Martynovska, Roman Martynovskiy, Kateryna Nikolaenko, Philip Leach, Kate Levin

On October 7, the employees of the Regional Center of Human Rights had a meeting with well-known British human rights activist, the director of European Human Rights Advocacy Center (EHRAC) Philip Leach*. He decided to support several strategic cases on the protection of rights of Crimea people after he learned about severe violations of human rights at Crimea peninsula.

The right for respect of private life is violated in Crimea; there are interrogations, searches and arrests, abductions of people. After the annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation the freedom of movement there is limited, social connections are disturbed, problems with citizenship occur. You can find out more detail on the problems of Crimea people in the research of Crimean field mission on human rights. Those people who came to Ukraine are discriminated.

People from Crimea ask free legal help in the office of Regional Center of Human Rights on daily basis. Most of them have hard, unique problems which need to be solved on international level. With the help of specialists from EHRAC, Ukrainian lawyers hope to win in the European Court of Human Rights. They also hope that such help will really change the situation with human rights in our country.

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*Philip Leach – professor in the area of human rights, lawyer, the senior professor of law in London Metropolitan university, the director of European Human Rights Advocacy Center. He has an experience of cases in European Court of Human Rights – against Russia, Turkey, Great Britain. He is the author of the book “Taking a Case to the European Court of Human Rights” (3rd edition, Oxford University Press, 2011) – anthology on this topic. He takes part in learning programmes of the Council of Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, British Council etc.

People from Crimea can obtain free legal aid in the Regional center of human rights which is supported by “Human rights and justice” programme initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. Tel.: +38(044) 284 30 33. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please state “Crimea” in letter’s subject).

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