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Digests of “Legal Space” - the first compilation in the field of free legal aid

The monthly portal “Legal Space” shares a series of the most interesting and relevant materials in the format of the digests. They contain stories of ordinary Ukrainians who managed to defend their rights, to solve everyday legal problems and other news in the field of providing free legal aid.

Since August 2012 the team of IRC “Legal Space” has already prepared 23 editions of the digest of the Legal Empowerment of the Poor Initiative.They are issued in three versions: Ukrainian, Russian and English. Posted in “Library” heading which is easy to find on the website home page.

- “Legal Space” is the first resource in the field of providing free legal aid, which began issuing its own digest. Prior to that there was no system presentation of legal information, for example, at the level of state structures, - said the chief editor of IRC “Legal Space” Natalya Bimbirayte. - We have started this initiative to get more people to know what is really happening in this area which is so important for every citizen. Also one of our main objectives is to inspire people to solve problems using legal tools.

Each digest is a compilation of the most successful and relevant materials of the month, carefully prepared by the team of “Legal Space” in order to save time for our users. For a convenient review publications are posted in headings, among which there are both permanent and temporary ones. For example, in each issue you will find the following headings:

Temporary headings are formed depending on the topic and volume of materials which deserve special attention, for example: “Video”, “Reaching the Heart”, “Meet New Community Law Centers”, “Legal Aid Pro Bono”, “Legal Space” Update”, etc.

Creating certain headings is dictated by the challenges of the time: thus, after the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine such headings as “Legal Aid to Internally Displaced Persons”, “Legal Aid to the Army”, “Legal Aid to ATO Participants and Their Families” appeared in the digest.

The heading “Secondary Legal Aid in the Criminal Process” in the Legal Space digest has become permanent recently. It contains publications concerning cooperation with project partners – Coordinating Center for Legal Aid Providing.

- We have started cooperation with “Legal Space” since February 2015. It is active and efficient. Today it includes common information support of the most important events in the field of free legal aid - through the exchange of digests of our teams, common preparation for publication on the portal of success stories of lawyers who owing to legal protection have changed their clients’ lives”, says the Head of the Statistical Analysis and Information Unit of the Coordinating Centre Nadiia Kyzytska. - The work of “Legal Space” means generating the most relevant information on human rights, in particular the right to protection. Useful services on the website, through which you can get 24/7 free legal advice, have a special practical value: make the legal advice service accessible to anyone who needs it. In the future we plan to expand our collaboration with the portal. We see where to move, as the goal is common - to generate legal awareness among our citizens.

In addition to being the information component the digests are an effective tool for getting user feedback. Every user can become an expert and co-author of the resource: through sending one’s suggestions via email, leaving feedback, sharing own information to be posted on the portal.

At present 1302 persons receive the monthly digest – both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

- I always read with great interest the Legal Space digests which I’ve been receiving via email for about three years”, says Ms. Tatiana, a resident of the town of Levanto, Italy. - By the hand of fate I live far away from Ukraine, but it is very important for me to know what’s going on in my homeland. Legal information collected in the digests, in particular success stories, best cases of how Community Law Centers help resolve problems of individuals and the whole community are just a slice of life of Ukrainians: their painful issues, achievements, desire to move forward and live better.

One can join the digest users in order to get the most current legal information by subscribing to the free e-newsletter on the Legal Space website or sending a request via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Digests are prepared by the Informational Resource Center “Legal Space” in the framework of the "Legal aid to the poor and vulnerable groups” Initiative with the financial support of the “Human Rights and Justice” Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.
Re-printing and publication of materials are permitted with reference to the relevant Legal Space link.

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