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Graduates of Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group share their impressions
Yevhen Zakharov(on the left) speaks to school participants Photo by Margarita Lyhacheva
Yevhen Zakharov(on the left) speaks to school participants

The XIX School of Human Rights for activists of Ukrainian human rights NGOs of Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group pleasantly surprised the participants, provided them with the unforgettable experience and useful contacts. The only student among the participants, practitioners and lawyers was a trainee of the Information Resource Center "Legal Space" Gera Barsuchenko. The web portal asked Gera and her friends-participants to share impressions.

About the School of Human Rights

"It was important for me to communicate with trainees", Gera said. “A lecture by the human rights activist Yevgen Zakharov was full of new information. He tried as much as possible to share his experience in public and human rights activities. He talked about the intricacies of writing projects, introduced me to the basics of fundraising. I listened with interest to the lectures by Hennadiy Tokarev about the peculiarities of protection of rights and freedoms by the European Court of Human Rights. The leader of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Lyudmila Klochko told how the public reception office works. Lyudmila shared many “secrets” of work with visitors, the admission rules, the ethical standards of lawyers. The event was finished with a lecture by Vsevolod Rechytsky, which struck my mind. I had a new look at the Constitution of Ukraine and the importance of the openness of information in the state. Of course, in addition to theory, there was practical work in groups. The work over cases and projects was very inspiring and revived new spirits. A lot of thanks to the organizers for the training and provided literature”.

Highlights and future initiatives

“Five working days of the School passed quickly and filled me with the knowledge and fatigue”, the head of the volunteer initiative "Healthy family-happy child" Inessa Klochko told. “Communication with colleagues, lawyers and "legends of the law" strained subconscious and gave impetus to new projects. For example, in productive collaboration in small group there was born an idea to raise the level of tolerance among children. We developed the project and will turn it into reality. The experience of human rights defenders in cooperation with the European Court of Human Rights struck me so much. Now I am collecting cases to help the injured internally displaced persons”.

Beyond learning

“There was time for rest”, said Ihor Kravets. “I liked the Amusement Park and the Zoo in Kharkiv. Communication with participants outside the School only strengthens friendship”.

The participants express their sincere gratitude to Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group for the organization and conducting of the School. They recommend workers of public organizations, practicing lawyers and advocates to participate in the next trainings.

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