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Docudays UA presented its new documentaries

For the anniversary of tragic February events of 2014 Docudays UA presented three new films from a cycle of movies about public initiatives of self-organization "The Encyclopedia of the Maidan". The premiere of the first films ("Peace", "Hottabych and his team" and "Lustration") took place within Docudays UA last year. In February, 2016 the following three films – "Euromaidan SOS", "The Chancery Hundred" and "Mova" already available at DOCU/SPACE online movie theater were issued.

“Euromaidan is the extraordinary phenomenon during which Ukrainians showed the ability voluntary to unite for the sake of achieving a common victory. We are working on "The Encyclopedia of the Maidan" to keep invaluable experience and to show what continuation it has received now".

                                                                                                                                                    Serhiy Lysenko, director


During presentation the Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine, H.E. Mr. Andreas von Beckerath noted that the courage shown by protesters during Revolution of Dignity is an inspiration and very important reminder for those who are living in the European Union and do not treat the European values as realities.


 Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine, H.E. Mr. Andreas von Beckerath

The Chairman of the Board of Public Committee for the Protection of Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties Mykola Kozyrev shares the impressions about new films:

“Films left strong impression. All three films make a successful multilayered composition of a unified theme that can be defined the following way: activity and self-organization of civil society as a revolution factor. Here we have dialectics: revolution gives rise to society, society develops revolution. Three films represent three thematic planes of public self-organization. It turned out to be some sort of the volume esthetic projection of social space of Revolution of Dignity”.


 Chairman of the Board of Public Committee for the Protection of Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties Mykola Kozyrev

The Executive Director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Arkady Bushchenko explains why "The Encyclopedia of the Maidan" is the project of great importance:

“I am quite aware of activity of Euromaidan of SOS and always with admiration watched it. But I knew nothing about other initiatives. And what I saw is incredible. It is not incredible that these people give part of their lives to what they truly believe in. It is incredible that they have such charisma to involve hundreds of other people in their belief. My impression is that everything occurs "against all laws of physics". And it makes impression of a miracle".

Наступні фільми про сучасний розвиток ініціатив, народжених Майданом, будуть показані на XIII Міжнародному фестивалі документального кіно про права людини Docudays UA у Києві. Весь цикл «Енциклопедія Майдану» буде представлений у 252 містах і містечках України під час Мандрівного фестивалю, у 158 кіноклубах медіапросвіти Docudays UA та в кінотеатрах Європи й Америки, у рамках проекту «Побачити Україну: Docudays UA мандрує світом». Фільми також можна переглянути в онлайн-кінотеатрі DOCU/ПРОСТІР.

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The project is realized with assistance of Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

Photo by Yulia Kafizova

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