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updated 12:54 PM EET, Dec 14, 2020
Training course on "How to effectively plan and conduct a dialogue" (video)
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OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine will present the first in the state public online course "How to effectively plan and conduct a dialogue". A course is developed with the support of donor governments of the project "Dialogue for reforms and social cohesion in Ukraine".

This course is a unique opportunity for students to change their views on a regular dialogue as a necessary tool when communication misunderstanding occurs due to different visions, attitudes, different positions. Usually this difference becomes the cause of negative emotions, stopping projects, unfulfilled reforms, social tensions, divisions. At the same time, the difference is a resource for development, but only when we stop being afraid and start to work, use the dialogue not for mere communication, but as a method, a tool that helps to understand the other.

By means of the course you learn the basic level of knowledge about the dialogue. It will be interesting and useful to all who need to improve their skills of conducting group discussions or important to increase the effectiveness of their active social, public and political activities. However, the course materials will be useful to all who are tired of the usual exchange of arguments, empty debate and discussion and want to make a real change in interaction with others.

The course will be of interest to a wide audience, in particular:

  • Organizers and facilitators that already conduct dialogues, rather, intuitively or have a different vision of dialogue activities - to improve understanding of the capabilities and tools of dialogue and improvement of skills;
  • Community activists, reformers who are interested in the topic of the dialogue to improve the effectiveness of their activities;
  • Citizens of any age and profession, who are interested in the topics of the dialogues for their own needs.

Overall coordination and methodological support in the creation of the course is carried out by the President of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine, lecturer of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Diana Protsenko.

The authors particularly draw attention to the fact that in the conditions of hybrid war, a dialogue in society, the individual communities are of particular importance for purposes of restoration of peace and prevention of separation of society.

Course duration: 6 weeks.


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