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Labor experience “faded away”: a retiree argued that he really worked in Luhansk

A resident of Luhansk region decided to register a retirement pension, however, he was denied the Pension Fund administration, indicating that the man had not enough work experience. As it turned out, one of the records of the place of work was illegible in his work book, and the seal "faded away." Thus, the Pension Fund did not take into account work data for three and a half years. The lawyers of Novoaidar Office of the Legal Development Network discussed the issue and provided the retiree with qualified free legal aid. Now he can enjoy the deserved rest.

Error in workbook corrected through court

The resident of the village of Liman managed to correct her surname in the workbook through lawsuit. Tatyana Drugyi worked at the enterprise for many years, in very harmful conditions. When it was time to enjoy the "deserved rest", Tatyana appealed to the Pension Fund for the retirement pension.

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