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Pensioner won his right to payment in court

 For about a year in the Kherson region, in the courts of first instance and appeal there was considered an issue about salary, calculation of severance, the payment of average earnings during a delay of payments at dismissal and compensation of moral harm.

We forgive you all our debts

So decided the administration of the agricultural enterprise: to cancel the debt on wages to repay the damage inflicted by the worker. However, she inflicted no harm, since these damages were not established in any document.

Mobilized soldiers fight with employers through court

The law guarantees preservation of average amount of income for all the period of military service and establishes responsibility for those employers that violate it. Effectiveness of the law directly depends on determination of soldiers to assert their rights. The Legal Space team helps with it. The lawyer of Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation Volodymyr Orlovsky told the journalist of Deutsche Welle Galyna Stadnik about experience of protection of the rights of mobilized citizens.

Repeated mobilization will not entail reduction of average earnings

Until recently servicemen mobilized repeatedly lost money due to the imperfect law. People received compensations at a rate of their average wages that were lower than during the first call-up. At the end of July this shortcoming was eliminated at the state level. The following consultation will provide more details about the above changes.

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