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Soldier’s rights abuse

Dmytro Subotin, mobilized soldier from ATO zone, turned to Chuhuev Community Law Center in October 2014. At that time Dmytro was in a bad shape: after spending several months fighting to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression, he was tired, stressed and broke. He asked for help and human rights defenders decided to take his case.

Soldier “fought” for his daughter in court

Equality of men and women rights which is written in the Constitution of Ukraine and other normative documents is often neglected while discussing the place of child’s residence – almost always in favor of women. There are some exceptions to the rule.

Saleswoman from Chuguev proved her honesty in court

A woman who has been working in one of the shops in Chuguev for almost 9 months without official registration and salary, was condemned of stealing products by the owner after she expressed her wish to quit the job. However, human rights defenders helped her to defend her rights, so criminal case was closed.

Villagers are consulted on land issues during on-site consultations

The fact that villagers need information and consultations on land issues was proved during the on-site consultation in Petrivka village of Shevchenkivskiy region in Kharkiv oblast. People came with questions even despite the fact that a professional lawyer works in local agricultural firm.

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