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ChHRG helped evict "invisible men" that prevented receiving subsidy

Today the problem of receiving subsidy is very acute for citizens of Ukraine. After all, when making this kind of targeted assistance the incomes of all persons registered in the living room are considered, and often several people who for one reason or another actually do not live there are registered in apartments or houses.

If a kid was bitten by a dog, it is the dog owner's responsibility

In November of last year the employee of a post office in Chuhuiv, Kharkov region asked his niece (a schoolgirl) to deliver the letter to one of the recipients. When the girl reached the destination, she was attacked by two Central Asian Shepherd dogs that belonged to the owner of the house: one bit her leg and the other bit her back.

Human rights activists encouraged city hall to raise funding for school

Professional College of Chuhuiv and Chuhuiv Agrarian Professional Lyceum are now in a difficult position, as in the current year their financing from the state budget was discontinued. But the city budget did not provide such expenditures as these vocational educational institutions are in the municipal property of the community and not only students from Chuhuiv are learning there.

"Bogdan is free, we have defended him!" - Unfairly convicted Roma guy released from custody

On February 22, 2016 an underage Roma IDP was released in Kharkiv. The lawyer, Chairman of Chuhuiv human rights group Roman Lykhachov published the relevant post on his FB page. Lawyers and human rights defenders, who since January of this year have been keeping on monitoring the case of the unfairly imprisoned guy, can celebrate the first considerable win in court.

In Kharkiv region young Roma was detained with procedure violations. Help wanted!

In Dvorichansky district the 15-year-old IDP Roma had a fight with a fellow villager who offended his brother. Dvorichansky district court sentenced the minor to 2 years of imprisonment for slight injuries caused to the victim, closed craniocereberal trauma, concussion of brain and hypostasis. According to the lawyer, chairman of Chuhuiv human rights group Roman Lykhachov the verdict is pronounced with numerous procedural violations.

How can ATO participants and soldiers get leave of absence

Soldiers, ATO participants and members of their families started asking for free legal consultations on leave connected with different life situations. Right to rest and order of granting leave of absence to those who protect our country as well as to all the other Ukrainians is written in Constitution and in legislation.

Complaints of even small landowners are accepted

Often small landowners face the fact that rent contracts are violated. They often do not fight for their rights and legal interests. However, legal practice of Chuhuev human rights group proves that people can achieve justice with legal support from lawyers.

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