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Legal aid for father and son to unite

Having a common-law marriage parents from Bila Tserkva brought up their son for 15 years. After the mother’s death the father and son decided to register official paternity. For this purpose they had to collect documents and proofs, as uniting the family was worth it. That was quite real, for they received free legal advice and full support in the solution of the problem from a lawyer Bilotserkovsky Community Law Center.

Bribery resulted in criminal case: surgeon extorted money for surgery on HIV-positive person

Despite a real threat to the HIV-positive man’s life, the surgeon claimed that the patient did not need surgery. At the same time in private conversation he recognized that the surgical invasion was necessary, but it could be carried out under a condition: the patient had to pay extra money for risking the surgeon’s life. Lawyers of Novoaydarsky Community Law Center helped break the deadlock the needy family appeared in.

Punishment for nonconformity: colleagues’ opinions on deprivation of Andriy Vyshnevsky of the right to practice law

The director of the Coordinating Center for Legal Aid Providing Andriy Vyshnevsky has been deprived of the right to implement lawyer activity. The Statement of the Ukrainian National Bar Association (UNBA) of September 10, 2015 caused a great resonance among human rights activists. The fact of persecution of the lawyer Vyshnevsky developed into a much wider topic – the fight for independence of the Bar of the Ukraine and the need of its reforming.

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