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In Kharkiv region young Roma was detained with procedure violations. Help wanted!

In Dvorichansky district the 15-year-old IDP Roma had a fight with a fellow villager who offended his brother. Dvorichansky district court sentenced the minor to 2 years of imprisonment for slight injuries caused to the victim, closed craniocereberal trauma, concussion of brain and hypostasis. According to the lawyer, chairman of Chuhuiv human rights group Roman Lykhachov the verdict is pronounced with numerous procedural violations.

Luhansk region: field legal consultations in Shyroke

The settlement of Shyroke is the first front line place that did not suffer from military operations. It avoided accidents with power supply and human losses. However, the occupation and military operations in the district have consequences, in particular relating to human rights violations.

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In Zakarpattya gross negligence of doctors caused girl’s death

Little Marychka was fated to live only 2 years and 9 months. She was one of seven children of the Roma Geyza G., the resident of the village of Kholmok in Uzhgorod region. On October 26, 2015 the girl died in the emergency department of Uzhgorod children's hospital. Her death preceded tragic and unclear circumstances that are being examined by prosecutor's office now.

Mobilized soldiers fight with employers through court

The law guarantees preservation of average amount of income for all the period of military service and establishes responsibility for those employers that violate it. Effectiveness of the law directly depends on determination of soldiers to assert their rights. The Legal Space team helps with it. The lawyer of Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation Volodymyr Orlovsky told the journalist of Deutsche Welle Galyna Stadnik about experience of protection of the rights of mobilized citizens.

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