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Odesa region: legal lessons motivate students to think about future

To motivate high school students on bona fide education in school and higher education, know their rights and be able to build relationships with people – those were the objectives of Odesa NGO "Roma Human Rights Centre "Social Legal Aid" that conduct lessons-lectures on career guidance and legal culture for high school students. The one took place in the last days of the school year in the gymnasium of the village of Nerubaiske of Odesa region.

Illegal reprimands vanished like ice in the sun

Unfortunately, some employers still do not honor the labor law. Thus, in one of the institutions of Chuhuiv in Kharkiv region an employee was illegally imposed the disciplinary sanction in the form of reprimands three times within six months.

If a kid was bitten by a dog, it is the dog owner's responsibility

In November of last year the employee of a post office in Chuhuiv, Kharkov region asked his niece (a schoolgirl) to deliver the letter to one of the recipients. When the girl reached the destination, she was attacked by two Central Asian Shepherd dogs that belonged to the owner of the house: one bit her leg and the other bit her back.

Human rights activists encouraged city hall to raise funding for school

Professional College of Chuhuiv and Chuhuiv Agrarian Professional Lyceum are now in a difficult position, as in the current year their financing from the state budget was discontinued. But the city budget did not provide such expenditures as these vocational educational institutions are in the municipal property of the community and not only students from Chuhuiv are learning there.

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