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Lend or borrow – first learn laws

A family from Slovyansk, Donetsk region, found themselves in the complicated debt circumstances. After receiving the lawyer's advice the mother and daughter have a chance to reasonably, peacefully and legally resolve the situation.

Protection of rights of persons with mental disabilities possible

Considering the attitude of our society towards people with special needs, I often ask myself: "Why are people so cruel to those who have physical or mental disabilities? Why do people decide what's best for persons with special needs without considering their opinion and even asking them? What can I do to ease the lives of people with special needs, to change the stereotypes and attitudes of our society to them?"

Divorce case, or Almost detective investigation

For the resident of Slovyansk ending the marriage with her husband, who remained in the so-called DPR and to apply for the child care benefit proved to be difficult. And not through judicial procedures, but because of the whim of the Chairman of the quarterly Committee. The lawyer of the Slovyansk office of the Legal Development Network revealed outstanding professional and detective abilities to help the woman assert her rights. 

We forgive you all our debts

So decided the administration of the agricultural enterprise: to cancel the debt on wages to repay the damage inflicted by the worker. However, she inflicted no harm, since these damages were not established in any document.

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