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The woman after the prison argued that she "exists"

Drug problems forced Kateryna Klymenko to escape from the country in order not to be jailed. The woman disappeared and anyone did not hear from her more than 10 years. Kateryna left her young son in Ukraine. In order to take care of her nephew, Kateryna’s sister judged that she was missing. However, justice found the fugitive in Georgia, and the woman spent four years in prison for committing the offense. And when she returned, it turned out that she was recognized as the missing. The woman had to prove that she "exists". In this she was assisted by the legal adviser of Kovel branch of the Legal Development Network Natalia Dubrova.

The story of a blind pensioner: the first and successful step to free legal aid

The resident of Kherson Andrii Chukhray learned about an opportunity to receive help in Office of the Legal Development Network at the IRC "Legal Space" for a happy occasion: he was listening to the radio broadcast, devoted to the theme of free legal aid. It was at that time that he extremely needed the lawyer's help - and everything appeared even better than the man could imagine.

Ministry of Justice summed up work of free legal aid system in Ukraine

On April 24 at a briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko and Director of the Coordinating center for legal aid providing Andrii Vyshnevskyi summarized the work of the free legal aid system in 2016 and spoke about the priorities of its further development.

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Cherkasy region: human rights activists reveal discrimination in Yatranivka and V'yazivok

The representatives of NGO "The Law Centre" are alarmed by the hostile attitude to Roma in the villages of V'yazivok and Yatranivka, Cherkasy region. Regarding the situation in Yatranivka human rights activists are preparing a letter to the Chairman of Cherkasy regional state administration with the requirement to prevent hate speech and to counteract discrimination.

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