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State lawyer acquitted a man from Volyn

Case of Mykola Petrov* was investigated for more than a year. A man was kept in prison for almost eight months. Due to defense of lawyer from Community Law Center that specializes in free secondary legal aid, a man from Volyn was acquitted.

Freedom instead of ten years of imprisonment

When investigators don’t respect legislation, innocent people suffer and have to pay for crimes they didn’t commit. Public defender in Mykolaiv proved Oleksandr Klimenchuk* non guilty and helped him to get free. On 15 October 2013 Oleksiy Panchenko* was attacked in his own car

Lawyers defended an old woman from unlawful court decision

An old woman from Rivne region suffered from verbal and moral abuse from her closest relatives. Moreover, she was deprived of her property rights. And when she tried to restore them, the juridical system was not very cooperative. She had to look out for help from qualified lawyers.

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