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Current realities: Ukrainians prove their relatives’ death

As the unannounced war lasts for the fourth year in eastern Ukraine, the appearance of birth or death in the occupied territory makes it a new way to look at this standard procedure. After all, documents issued by the authorities of illegal armed formations have no legal force. Problems also arise for the heirs. There are no state registries and state bodies of Ukraine working there. At the same time, as with many other constitutional rights, nobody cancels ownership. In a similar situation, a resident of the Kovel oblast appeared, whose father died in the occupied territory. The certificate of his death, issued on the letterhead of the so-called Ministry of Health of the “DPR”, is not recognized on the territory of Ukraine. It was only with the help of the head of Kovel branch of the Legal Development Network at the Community Growth Center Nadia Klimuk the man managed to prove his father’s death.

The woman after the prison argued that she "exists"

Drug problems forced Kateryna Klymenko to escape from the country in order not to be jailed. The woman disappeared and anyone did not hear from her more than 10 years. Kateryna left her young son in Ukraine. In order to take care of her nephew, Kateryna’s sister judged that she was missing. However, justice found the fugitive in Georgia, and the woman spent four years in prison for committing the offense. And when she returned, it turned out that she was recognized as the missing. The woman had to prove that she "exists". In this she was assisted by the legal adviser of Kovel branch of the Legal Development Network Natalia Dubrova.

Heirs were late “a bit”, registering inheritance in 25 years

Two brothers inherited the house from the mother, but the notary refused them in registering the inheritance, because they did not have documents for the house. Brothers did not want to spend time and money on the production of title documents. The men decided: who, if not, owns the house in which they live and where their mother lived. Time passed...

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